00 InstantAQI
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00 μg/m3 PM2.5 00 μg/m3 PM10
* The AQI scale used for indexing the real-time pollution in the above map is based on the latest US EPA standard, using the Instant Cast reporting formula.


1. Mission

The Cleair proposition empowers communities, businesses and legislators to increase the awareness of health impact of local air pollution and informs plans to minimize exposure.

2. The Cleair Way

Monitor: Capture real time and hyperlocal data using affordable sensor devices.

Measure: Collect pollution data and collate with other data sources such as meteorological and traffic data.

Analyse: Provide meaningful actionable insights and forecasts using AI modelling techniques.

Act: Recommend immediate actions to take and provide forecasts.

3. How can you help

How do you take active part in understanding your environment? How do you ensure you have the latest information about pollution near you? Most importantly, how do you act on that information to make a difference?
With a beautifully designed mobile app, Cleair presents local air measurements on the most common pollutants. It provides easy to understand insights at your finger tips with explanations how these correlates with atmospheric conditions and seasonal factors and how these impact your health and well being.

4. What makes Cleair unique

With a compact, weatherproof design, Cleair devices are affordable and easy to install and operate. The real time data collected in a centralized cloud platform and enriched with data from other sources to generate air quality mapping & exciting interactive visualizations. This information is presented in a clear and visually engaging way to help you identify different pollution sources in neighbourhoods (such as open fires or food carts) and gives you recommendations to minimize their impact on you.

5. Collaborators

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