Managing the pollution around me

Providing air pollution transparency to cities, neighbourhoods & communities

Using minimal infrastructure, Cleair provides localised pollution insights by leveraging IoT and AI, filling in the gaps left by costly traditional monitoring methods




  • Air pollution is in the top 10 risks worldwide & the top 6 risks in developing countries in Asia
  • Air pollution kills 4.5 million people a year
  • But these figures hide what can be highly local, personal risk.

    Air quality can vary sharply even within the same city block, and pollution exposure can vary 30% between individuals living in the same residence

  • Cleair helps us understand at a local and personal level where pollution is, where it comes from, and its impacts on us
  • Data insights delivered by Cleair Analytics can be used to make effective pollution management decisions
  • By making air pollution visible and measurable, Cleair provides a more comprehensive picture of air pollution across cities allowing us to manage pollution better

  • By Measuring pollution variation over short distances in real time providing a more granular and effective picture of air pollution across cities
  • By Leveraging data from existing monitoring infrastructure along with data from an optimised network of low cost sensor devices Cleair uses state of the art AI modelling to accurately measure localised pollution and its variation over short distances
  • The Cleair Device detects concentration of major air pollutants PM2.5, PM10, NO2 and Ozone along with temperature, pressure & humidity
  • Powered by AI and deep learning models, Cleair collates data from various open sources including other devices and available satellite data to provide useful insights at a granular level
  • Cleair Analytics comes with powerful visualisations to track local pollutant levels over times and across location to provide better insights on the local pollution and its exposure


  • Reduce health spending
  • Avoid fines for non attainment
  • Improve urban planning
  • Facilitate carbon trading
  • Disaster management through early alerts
  • Reduce health outcomes
  • Reduce hospital admissions
  • Reduce service delivery costs
  • Ensure regulatory compliance via independent monitoring
  • Reduce impact of poor air quality on citizens
  • Identify high polluting routes
  • Identify high polluting vehicles
  • Introduce clean fleet


World Bank funded electric vehicle project in Kolkata, India

Fleet electrification is one of the strategies for improving urban air pollution in Kolkata. The project identified high polluting corridors in Kolkata using low cost sensors and these corridors were selected for EV deployment. Data is being collected over two years with a network of sensors and shows the following results:

Smart City Solution – New Town, Kolkata

Cities across the world have understood that now is the time to move towards clean mobility and have already begun to remodel their urban space with more emphasis on walking and bicycling. Cleair route finders calculates alternative routes with the lowest concentration of pollutants in New Town, Kolkata. These can be made available to commuters via normal social media channels or through commuter apps.

Varanasi Cleair Air-Quality Network

Varanasi is one of India’s historic cities and a prime tourist destination. However, it is also one of the most polluted cities in India. Cleair’s Varanasi deployment creates a hyperlocal network in a city which only has one monitoring station. The Cleair network of devices will provide critical insights on the spatiotemporal variation as well as identify hotspots to determine what measures can be taken..

Our Models


We leverage our partnership with a network of atmospheric & data scientists and experts from Johns Hopkins, Columbia University, UC Berkeley to test and validate our data analysis. Cleair uses the latest research findings from these institutes in areas such as positioning of devices, modelling of pollution data and presentation of insights.

Our Advisors

Scott Moura

Clare and Hsieh Wen Shen Distinguished Professor in Civil and Environmental Engineering. Energy, Civil Infrastructure and Climate, Systems

Pravin Krishna

Pravin Krishna is the Chung Ju Yung Distinguished Professor of International Economics and Business at Johns Hopkins University.

V. Faye McNeill

Prof. McNeill’s research is focused on the chemistry and physics of atmospheric aerosol particles and ice in the environment, and their roles in atmospheric chemistry, air quality, and climate.

Our Partnership

Cleair has partnered with Move LA to champion strategies to accelerate Move LA’s goal to foster cleaner and healthy neighbourhoods where people of all ages and incomes can live, work and thrive.

Cleair has partnered with Smart Pandemic Management @UC Berkeley to address the joint challenges of reopening the economy and managing subsequent outbreaks. Long-term exposure to air pollution has been linked to an increased risk of dying from COVID-19. Cleair’s analysis of air pollution in Kolkata indicates a coarse corelation between Covid 19 severity and bad air pollution.


Sanjoy Chatterjee

Entrepreneur & Technology Evangelist – founder of Ideation Technology Solutions & Ideal Analytics Solutions. Master of Technology from IIT KGP.

Shovon Mukherjee

25 years of experience in Business & IT consulting. Worked as Executive Director of IBM and Partner/Executive Director in PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC) Consulting Services.

Rakhi Basu

More than 20 years of global experience across Asia, Middle East, Africa, Europe and USA in advising government and industry to tackle their highest priorities in infrastructure and human development.

Mithu Sengupta

Technology advisor specializing in eCommerce and digital transformation with 20+ years' experience in providing strategic direction on global IT, digital and data projects.

Sukumar Chakraborty

Chief Architect. Statistician, Big Data Specialist. Graduate in Electrical Engineering and Post Gradute from Indian Statistical Institute.

Siddharth Nobell

Programmer, Data Engineering, Data Analytics and Data Science, IoT Enthusiast and Trainer

Arnab Majumdar

Data Scientist. Expert in Mathematical & Statistical Modelling. IIT Kanpur Gard & Post Doctorate from Boston University.

Gora Datta

Gora Datta is a US-based serial entrepreneur and an internationally acknowledged subject matter expert on ICT (Information and Communication Technology),

Soumitra Bose

Functional Expert. Graduate in Physics, Post Graduate in Management Technology and Computer Science.
is an environmental start-up devoted to reducing climate risk and raising the awareness of impact of pollution on health and environment. The Cleair platform of patented low cost air quality sensing devices powered by Cleair Analytics, its sophisticated artificial intelligence models and web friendly apps provide easy access to air quality information to help governments, businesses and communities understand air pollution.

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